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  • Models:
  • WMCR-1020
  • WMCR-2020

Wall Mounted Cantilever Rack Dispenser – WMCR Series

For High Volume Cup Dispensing | For Cafeteria and Tray Make-Up Area

The cabinet housing construction of the model WMCR shall be heavy-duty grade 18-8 stainless steel and the back panel is reinforced for suspension on the wall mounting bracket.


WALL MOUNTING BRACKET: Dispensers shall be furnished with concealed, heavy gauge stainless steel mounting bracket for wall mounting with lag or toggle bolts.

SELF-LEVELING: The dispensing height shall be field adjustable by adding or removing extension springs, located behind the stainless steel access panel; the tray platform shall be self-leveling with heavy-duty bearings and bearing guides.

RACK DOLLY (optional): Shall be constructed of heavy gauge, grade 18-8 stainless steel; 4″ heavy-duty swivel casters; gray, vinyl, non-marking corner bumpers.


  • Rack capacities vary with the size and type of racks used
  • Total load capacity: 250 lbs