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  • Models:
  • WIH-Large-17
  • WIH-Large-27
  • WIH-Large-37
  • WIH-Large-47
  • WIH-Large-57
  • WIH-Large-67

Large Hot Pan – WIH-Large Series

Electrically Heated | Individual Control | Large Capacity 12″ x 27″ Pan Size Opening | Optional Drain & Manifold

The WIH series hot pan is an electrically heated drop-in serving unit that provides the convenience on individually controlled hot food wells, designed for standard steam table pans. The pan construction enables the unit to be used wet and can be specified with drains or a complete drain manifold.

The entire hot is efficiently insulated and provided with a factory applied gasket so that it can be installed in the finest wood fixtures without marring the counter top. All controls are pre-wired to a single cord and plug, and an apron mounted remote control panel is optional.



TOP: Constructed of 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, die stamped with a raised perimeter bead. There shall be a solid vinyl gasket under the beaded edge to form a seal to the counter top, thus preventing seepage or marring of the counter top.

HOT FOOD WELLS: Individual hot food wells shall be 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel, one piece construction, all welded, ground and polished to a uniform finish. All corners are coved with a minimum 1/4″ radius. Each well is provided with an 850 watt heating element (1000 watt on the WIH-17).

INSULATION: The pan is fully insulated with high density polystyrene, 1″ thick on all sides, 2″ thick on the bottom and enclosed with a 22 gauge galvanized steel outer liner.

ELECTRICAL: The unit is provided with an individual thermostat control with a pilot light for each well. All heating elements and controls are pre-wired, and a 6′-long, 3-wire cord and plug is provided, extending from the control box located under the unit, on operator’s left. Bottom of outer case can be removed for access to electrical components.


*Model Shown: WIH-37-DME W/AF – Not representative of final product


  • Fully insulated to retain heat—protects fixtures and saves energy
  • Individual thermostat controls—the operator can control the temparature of each well separately
  • Factory applied gasket—makes installation a snap and seals units to the counter top, thus eliminating seepage
  • Accommodates standard 12″x 20″ pans, or fractional size pans with the use of optional adapter bars
  • Wet operation
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty