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Catalog | Modular Units CA series
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CAIH Heated - Hot Food Unit
Electrically Heated
Individual Controls
Optional Drain & Manifold

The Hot Food Cart is an attractive, functional unit designed to keep hot foods hot - at their peak of serving perfections. The modular cart base, with its drop-in heated pan will accommodate standard steam table pans in individual 12" x 20" hot food wells that cab used wet or dry. Each well is provided with an individual thermostat control.

Models: CAIH Heated-2 CAIH Heated-3 CAIH Heated-4 CAIH Heated-5 CAIH Heated-6
CAPT - Cold Food Unit
Refrigerated Pass-Through

The pass-through merchandise is the ideal display for all your pre-plated or pre-wrapped salads, desserts, and deli products. It's also the perfect display for bottled juices and specialty drink items. Large sliding, self-closing glass doors on the operator's side, as well as on the customer's side, make loading a snap. The large display area is provided with adjustable height shelves and full lighting to enhance product display. The display case is fully self-contained and can be located anywhere in your serving line - just plug it in and turn it on.

Models: CAPT-3 CAPT-4
CARF - Cold Food Unit
Refrigerated Frost Top

The frost cart provides the most attractive way of displaying your pre-plated cold foods. The unit frosts over quickly, provided a bed of snow - the perfect setting for salads and desserts. The unit is fully self-contained and can be located anywhere in your serving line; just plug it in and turn it on.

Models: CARF-2 CARF-3 CARF-4 CARF-5 CARF-6
CARM - Cold Food Unit
Refrigerated Cold Pan with 3" Recessed Top

The refrigerated cold cart eliminates the mess and expense of ice in your cold food display and can be located anywhere in your serving line. The standard depth is 9". The cold pan accommodates standard 12" x 20" pans, or fractional size pans with the use of adapter bars.

Models: CARM-2 CARM-3 CARM-4 CARM-5 CARM-6
CASB - Tray & Silver Unit

The tray and silver cart provides the necessary storage for all your trays and silverware. Right on your serving line.

Models: CASB-
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